Dental Braces

Dental Braces

Removable prosthetics

The degree of fixation of removable dentures and prosthetics can be highly increased with the use of as few as 2 dental implants. Such prosthetic solutions include overdentures anchored to implants and sphere retention tooth replacements anchored to implants. Overdentures are connected by metal rods where the removable denture can be attached. We use this technique mostly for the lower jaw. Sphere retention dentures are clicked onto the shperes that are built into the implants.

It’s good to know that choosing the right type of prosthesis depends on many factors, one of these is the number of implants used. The most important goal is to get results that mimic the original condition of the teeth as much as possible.

Removable implants (overdenture):
……2 implants – spherical abutment
……4 implants – overdenture
……6 implants – overdenture

250 000 Ft
340 000 Ft
380 000 Ft