We ask every new patient to fill out an anamnesis record that gives us information regarding your general and dental health status and condition, possible diseases, e (e.g do you suffer from any chronic illness, do you have any allergies, etc). During our initial consultation we diagnose and start treating acute conditions as soon as possible. In case you need more excessive treatment, we can discuss what options you have, the treatments we recommend, their costs and the expected healing time. We provide you with full information about the materials we use, treatment options we offer and expected duration of your treatment.

Oral cancer screening

During this few minute examination we check your masticatory joints and lymph nodes then examine your oral cavity, mucous membrane, tongue, palate and cheek region. This is very important as Hungary is the first in Europe in terms of oral cancer as a reason of death. Timely diagnosis and treatment can be a real life-saver!

Regular smoking and alcohol consumption are the leading reasons but bad oral hygiene, weak immune system, HPV and earlier cancerous diseases can also contribute to the appearance of oral cancer. Warning signs could be wounds in the oral cavity that don’t heal even after weeks, lumps on the neck, discoloration on the mucous membrane. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is recommended to visit your dentist or health care professional.

Focal Localization

Dental focal disease is an underhand mass of bacteria that produces poisons, and these bacteria can travel to the direction of any organ in the body. Focal infection can be caused by any chronic inflammation that with time can weaken the immune system and send continuous flow of bacteria into the bloodstream, often causing secondary diseases. These diseases are called focal infections or focal diseases (e.g continuous joint pain, hair loss, different skin conditions, etc.) With x-rays and careful oral examination and check-up we can localize such focals and chronic inflammations. The check-up is painless but it is a very important way of prevention.

Consultation (Dentist oral exam, oral cancer screening, nodule check, general status check, treatment plan, price quote generation)

8 000 Ft
(Credited towards later treatments)

Panorama X-ray

6 000 Ft