The discoloration of teeth is very often caused by plaque and tartar stuck to the teeth. Often a complex oral hygiene treatment is sufficient to achieve the desired aesthetic look. The first step of teeth whitening is always to plaque removal and a polishing of the teeth.

In our practice the teeth whitening treatment also includes the complex oral hygiene treatment.

The advantage of teeth whitening is that the color of your teeth can improve up to 7-8 shades. The use of high concentrations compounds (hydrogen-peroxide or urea hydrogen peroxide) requires expertise and close attention. After the plaque is removed and the teeth are polished a protective covering is placed over the gums in contact with the teeth, after this we spread a teeth whitening gel on the outside of the teeth, then a special teeth-whitening lamp is shined onto the teeth, activating the gel.

E.max Press ceramic veneers are extremely thin ceramic veneers which can transform your front teeth magically into something beautiful as well as correct and replace fractured and chipped lateral incisors. By retaining the natural tooth, a significant optical improvement can be achieved. The thin ceramic veneers come all sorts of natural teeth colors and shades which can be exported onto the prepared teeth.

With this technique we barely have to chisel the teeth in order to set the veneers in place. The ceramic veneers are attached with a special dental glue onto the prepared teeth. As a result the veneers stay in place for a long time.

Implants are artificial roots made from titanium designed to replace missing teeth. Today the most popular form is the screw or cylinder. It’s made of pure titanium with a specially modified surface which allows it to connect to the tissue

Dr. Buzogány Zoltán who holds a Master of Science in Oral Implantology from Münster conducts all implants and dental surgery in our practice. This is currently the highest degree of qualification for implantology.

Dental diagnosis, complete oral exam, treatment planning, providing a detailed price quote.

Its objective is to remove calcified and hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth.

The most ideal type of tooth, chewing surface and return of perfect tooth color.

Inlay and onlay fillings are very precise fillings done by a dental technician (with precise side closure), which prevents the formation of cavities later on.

With a crown we bring the visible part of the tooth in place both functionally and aesthetically.

Diagnosing, preventing and treating potential form disorders in the teeth, alveolar appendage and jawbone.

During root canal treatment the nerves and tissues of the sick or injured tooth or teeth are removed.