Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Zoom-Hollywood white smile: the secret to Hollywood star’s snow white teeth!

A white set of teeth isn’t just a matter of appearance it also plays a role in preventing dental illnesses. In the USA procedures involving ZOOM technology are very commonplace these days. However, the use of high concentrations compounds (hydrogen-peroxide or urea hydrogen peroxide) requires expertise and close attention.

After the plaque is removed and the teeth are polished a protective covering is placed over the gums in contact with the teeth, after this we spread a teeth whitening gel on the outside of the teeth, then a special teeth whitening lamp is shined onto the teeth, activating the gel. The chemical illumination lasts for 3×20 min. You lean back and wait comfortably for your teeth to turn naturally white.

In our practice teeth whitening treatment also contains complex oral hygiene treatment.

After treatment your teeth may be sensitive for 1-2 days but not longer. In order to mitigate the effects of this sensitivity we recommend the use of sensitivity protection gel. After the whitening procedure, your teeth will continue to whiten for one week, it is advised to avoid colorful foods and drinks during this period. We always plan teeth whitening before fillings and composites are inserted. The results can last up to 9-12 months with the Zoom whitening system.

How does teeth whitening happen to teeth which underwent root canal treatment?

They are also treated in the dental office just as in other cases. This is called internal teeth whitening as the whitening material is inserted into the insides of the dead teeth. The treatment begins with the opening of the tooth, up till the point of the root filling. After the whitening material is injected the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. The teeth whitening material must be changed every 2-3 days, once the tooth has assumed the desired color the tooth is closed again with a permanent filling.

When do I need to wear a night guard?

Night guards are recommended to be worn by those who suffer from teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorders. Teeth grinding is not only caused by psychological issues, it is possible that it’s being caused by an improperly inserted inlay, filling, bridge, crown or denture The symptoms of grinding your teeth at night can be cracking joints, tooth neck sensitivity, obstructed mouth opening, morning fatigue, tiredness, sleeping disorders, neck, back and lower back pain, migraines, numb limbs, ringing in your ears, if you experience any of these symptoms you should immediately turn to your doctor.

An occlusal guard is a flexible covering which, when placed over the teeth, absorbs the force of clenched teeth, which allows the chewing muscles to relax as well as abate the noises caused by grinding. When used regularly it can prevent the porcelain from wearing down thus impeding tooth sensitivity.

How can I get tooth jewelry?

Installing tooth jewelry is a fast and easy process, which has an immediate and noticeable result. Gluing it on, requires only a minimal preparation time and the whole process can be over within 10-20 min. There is no pain and it does not have any harmful effect on your teeth. The jewelry can stay on your teeth for years even and be removed without any harm at anytime.

In the beginning you will decide with your dentist which tooth you would like to have your jewelry on, afterwards your dentist will clean the selected tooth and glue the jewelry on with dental glue.

After it’s in place there are a few rules which must be observed, in order to ensure long-lasting results. Food and drinks should be avoided entirely for one hour and you should not touch the jewelry. In the next 12 hours brushing your teeth and the consumption of hard food is not advised, however liquids are permitted.

Consultation (Teeth whitening, Veneer treatment, implant treatment plan, price quote generation)

8 000 Ft
(Credited towards later treatments)

Teeth whitening (one-time Zoom-Hollywood White Smile treatment, *the price includes a professional plaque removal treatment with salt polish, valued at 24 000 Ft)

99 000 Ft

Whitening of root canal treated teeth (per tooth)

10 000 Ft

Night Guard (per jawbone)

25 000 Ft

Tooth Jewelry (Swarovski crystal)

20 000 Ft