What’s the difference between direct and indirect veneers?

Direct veneers (or composite veneers) are made by the dentist in the dental office within one treatment session including preparation. The results of this treatment are noticeable, however not as long-lasting as they can become discolored and worn down after a few years. In contrast, indirect veneers are a long-term solution.

Indirect veneers are created by the dentist with the assistance of a dental technician, this is why at least two appointments are required to complete this procedure. We only apply this method in our practice

When it comes to indirect veneers, we use E.max Press as it produces and ensures the best results. This ceramic veneer is extremely durable and can last for up to 15 years. It doesn’t get discolored nor worn out. Since it is produced in a laboratory, it provides a more composed appearance than composites and is so life-like, that it’s essentially impossible to tell it apart from real teeth.

Indirect veneers are more expensive than composites however they are so much more durable and long-lasting, and also provide a more natural look.

Indirect Veneer

Direct Veneer

Who makes them?

Dentist and technician collaborate


How many sessions are required?

Minimum 2


How long-lasting is it?

15 years

2-3 years

What materials is it made from?

E.max ceramic

Composite material

What are the results?



Find out more about the revolutionary E.max process!

Teeth created with E.max technology ensure a natural smile and contain no metals.

There are many reasons it’s popular:

  • pain-free treatment
  • least amount of enamel lost
  • only requires two sessions
  • unrivalled appearance
  • superior quality

It’s important to note that a significant improvement on appearance can be achieved by retaining the original tooth.

When do we recommend this treatment?

  • If your front teeth are discolored, grey or are misshapen
  • If you have a disorder which cannot be corrected by braces
  • If you have a gap between your front teeth or would like to cover a broken/chipped area
  • If you’re generally dissatisfied with your smile

E.max* Press ceramic veneers are paper thin which magically make your teeth more appealing as well as correct or replace any chipped or broken incisors.

*According to international research the IPS e.max® is the highest quality dental ceramic in the world. It’s long-lasting, perfect results are thanks to its superior quality.

This is how you’ll also have a beautiful white set of teeth and perfect smile

  1. As a first step we remove about 0,5 mm of the tissue from the tooth enamel.
  2. After this we take an impression of the prepared teeth as well all the rest of the teeth in both jaws.
  3. We decide together with the patient on the form and height of the veneer
  4. We create and glue on the veneer’s requiring special attention
  5. We send the impressions to the dental laboratory where the technician creates the roughly 0,6-1 mm think porcelain veneers.
  6. After the second session we remove the temporary veneers and try on the newly created veneers, if the result is satisfactory, we glue in the veneers.
  7. After a bite test we polish the surface of the veneers.

With this method, barely any of the tooth needs to be chiseled down in order to fit the veneer on. We stick the veneers onto the teeth with a special dental glue, this ensures they stay in place for a long time.

The E-max Press ceramic guarantees a unique and beautiful result, veneers made with them are very beautiful and offer a long-lasting homogeneous solution.

Consultation (Teeth whitening, Veneer treatment, implant treatment plan, price quote generation)

8 000 Ft
(Credited towards later treatments)

Metal-free (E.max Press ceramic) veneer

95 000 Ft