We only work with the highest quality materials and most modern techniques in order to be able to confidently offer guarantees on the treatments we employ in our office.

We offer 1 year guarantee for cosmetic fillings.*

For inlay, onlay and overlay fillings we offer a 2 year guarantee.*

For fixed dentures (crowns, bridges) as well removable dentures and dentil offer a 3 year guarantee.*

For wait times longer than 15 minutes we will offer a 3000 HUF refund.

In the event of a cancellation we charge a cancellation fee. For general dental treatments we charge if the cancellation is within 24 hours, for surgical intervention, within 48 hours. The fee is 3000 HUF/15 mins (Our clinic will consider ‘vis major’ causes as needed.)

We offer guarantees for our treatments if patients observe the following rules:
  • Breaking oral hygiene rules
  • Smoking
  • Improper usage of the veneers, subjecting them to forces greater than natural chewing activities, extreme pressure which can lead to their overbearing.
  • Problems stemming from unhealthy or insufficient nutritional and/or any other habits.
  • The mechanical injury to removable dentures (from falling, martial arts), chemical damage (rubbing alcohol, chemicals)
  • Chewing apparatus contracting a, systemic, contagious, or tumorous illness or other damage related to the treatment of such illnesses.
  • Problems stemming from psychological and other mental illnesses.
  • The injured denture is reported within 5 working days.
  • Patient requires root canal treatment due to an earlier procedure (filling, crown preparation)
  • The patient doesn’t follow the dentist’s instructions (e.g. doesn’t use the night occlusal guard)
  • The patient gets treatment elsewhere based on the diagnosis received in our clinic
  • Not taking proper care of the removeable denture (partial or full set).
  • The patient gains or loses a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.
  • A technical dental accident or injury by negligence (e.g. dropping the dentures.)
  • Any harm to the teeth caused by a sports injury.
  • The presence of a chronic illness, which has a negative impact on the dentures or the patient’s dental health (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, bone disease, tumors, or has undergone radio- or chemotherapy
  • The patient doesn’t desire the guaranteed procedure to be completed.
  • The patient doesn’t show up for their 6 month recall

Our dentistry takes no responsibility for, the unexpected need for root canal treatment. It’s rare but possible that on occasion the various veneers (crown, bridge) can suffer trauma during preparation which could make root canal treatment necessary.